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Web Design & Development / Logo Design

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Seeking Truth is a non-profit organization which runs live Bible studies in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as produces material for satellite classes in the surrounding area.

We were tasked with taking the existing site, which processed registrations and supplied online access to teaching materials, and giving it a new, unique, and responsive design while streamlining the experience for the end user. By combining the registration and course materials components, we established a system where users could sign up and pay for the course, and be given access to the members-only content in one step. This also gave administrators the ability to have a concise list of registrants and attendees, and let them manage users with members-only access as well.

Playing off the name, we designed the new logo, branding, and website to follow something of a treasure-hunter's theme, with parchment, ships and other aquatic referances, and something of a 17th-century flair.