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Holds Worth Design - The Edmonton Marketing Firm

“Evangelists of the digital realm.”

Evangelization is the art of capturing the attention of an audience, delivering a message to them, and inviting them into a response. This is exactly what we do as creative marketing experts. Evangelization isn’t just about the message and it isn’t just about the style. It’s about both. We can help you cover all the essentials of your communication strategy to get you evangelizing your desired audience to inspire the response you want from them.

Our Team

Our Approach

We’re interested in understanding your needs as an organization. What’s your history, what are your goals, where do you find success, and where do you struggle? Once we’ve understood the answers to these questions, we can partner with you by providing a wide range of services, including graphic design, web design, videography, & branding/logo design, specifically tailored to your goals and needs. Learn more about the services we offer.