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Website Design holds a particular significance at Holds Worth Design. Increasingly, websites have become the initial point of contact for potential clients and their vendors. It's probably safe to assume that this website has been your first contact with Holds Worth Design.

Because of the significance websites have assumed in creating a memorable first impression on a client, it is essential that your site be well designed, functional, and informative. A website that fails to accomplish even one of these elements will certainly make an impression on its audience – but for all the wrong reasons. This loses you business to competitors who did not make the same mistakes. Your website should deliver you customers – not lose them.

Consistent quality and attention to detail demonstrates how seriously you take your business, and how seriously you treat the needs of your customers. Consider the consequences to your business if other crucial impressions on clients were negative - if the receptionist or call centre was rude to a prospect, or if a sales person had poor hygiene and swore inappropriately. Professionalism in the workplace is often taken for granted, and successful companies would never compromise it to satisfy a budget – that would simply be saving money to lose money. Your website should not be a compromise.

We work hard to ensure that your website design, architecture, and content are not simply of the highest quality in Edmonton, but of the highest calibre in the industry.

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