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CNPEA’s Website Design and Development

The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) is composed of individuals and organizations from across Canada who care about creating awareness and preventing elder abuse in all its forms.

Creating Online Connections to Prevent Elder Abuse

With an aging population in Canada the topic of elder abuse is becoming more and more pressing. The CNPEA is building partnerships with organizations across sectors and disciplines to connect all the key individuals so that they could support each other in achieving their goals. The CNPEA’s board knew that creating an interactive website that could connect all these individuals and accommodate all stakeholders across Canada was going to be important. They needed to hire a web design company that they could trust, so through their connections with the Alberta Law Reform Institute they choose Holds Worth Design to take on their project.

Challenge: Connecting the Network

The CNPEA, like their name suggests, connects organizations across Canada, which means that they were going to be focusing on more than one geographical area and their website would need to be in French and English. The website also needed to act as a platform where these various members could collaborate with each other online because they do not have many opportunities to meet in person.

Creating an Engaging Online Communication Platform

Collaborating with the CNPEA’s board members through phone conferences and in-person meetings in Toronto and Vancouver, we defined the features of the website and began building their solution. Some of the features of the website included:

  • Mobile-friendly web design that integrates their branding throughout the site
  • Information architecture strategy to define all the pages in the site and the important elements to be highlighted
  • Bilingual functionality for their French and English members
  • Internal social platform that allows new members to sign up, communicate as a group in forums, and message each member individually
  • Establishing a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook
  • Giving the website bilingual functionality for both English and French
  • Event calendar and registration
  • Online newsletter subscription and delivery
  • Open-source content management system to manage the content themselves
  • Personalized training videos to guide new and existing members to manage the website.

Results: A Website that Lives up to Its Name

The hub for the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse was launched at cnpea.ca in September of 2015. We provided ongoing support after the launch to ensure that the site was working properly and that their members and staff understood how to manage the site to continue to connect more people and organizations around the issues related to elder abuse.

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