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Edmonton Welcome Sign Design

There's been a lot of discussion and debate concerning the old Welcome to Edmonton signs and the perceived need to update them. In the spirit of offering our ideas as artists and designers, we thought we'd take a shot at designing a basic sign idea to help encourage the ongoing conversation.

Explanation of the design

The idea is to portray the strength of character and resilience of the kinds of people who live in a city situated so far North (with a little pop culture humour thrown in). The sign would be made out of concrete to depict the sturdiness of our city and our people. The sloping top is meant to convey the river valley which is one of our main attractions with several key landmarks depicted on top (from left to right: Muttart, Legislature, Hotel MacDonald, Manulife, and Enbridge Tower). The glass swoop is meant to emanate the river itself. 

Hope you like it.