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Cold Calling is a standard instrument in any sales person's toolbox, although it's often left there as a last resort. The reason being is that it's not much fun. Nobody likes rejection and if you're going to spend a day doing cold calls, buckle up for some. That said, if you can get one hit out of dozens, sometimes it's worth it. If you can acquire a quality client for a day of cold calling, then it can be time well spent.

Something that I’m hearing a lot of discussion about lately is the necessity for businesses to be engaged with Social Media. If you’re not familiar with social media, it’s a trend in online communication and technology meant to foster interactive communication among users. Facebook and Twitter are probably the best known exampls, but it extends to other well known sites like YouTube, MySpace, Blogger, and more.

Holds Worth Design was featured in an article recently at Design Shack critiquing our website. We're very honored that they would consider us for a write-up. Have a look for yourself and feel free to contribute your own comments: https://designshack.co.uk/articles/...

From time to time a job application comes across my desk. Often it’s a graduating design student looking for a placement. Many of the design programs in Alberta include some sort of internship requirement so when the end of a semester looms, the emails start coming. Many of the design programs I can think of have produced some really talented designers and I’m always interested to see a portfolio or sample of work when it accompanies an application.