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Personally, I get really annoyed by platitudes and buzz phrases. One of the reasons is that they seduce us into adopting, using, and sharing them simply because they feature a catchy turn of phrase. What that, inevitably, leads to is a multitude of incompatible ideas influencing us. For example, we're always told to, "think outside of the box." At the same time, and this is especially true in the business world, we're indulging a hysteria around, "staying current," or "not falling behind the curve." Either of those two latter sentiments are an appeal to operate within the current fashions and trends of the day. The only problem with that is that the trends of the day are a box. It may be a moving box, but it's still a box and if we're told to think outside of it, the question of whether or not we should be following the currents of fashion is begging to be asked.

Believe it or not, as a web designer, I still get asked to defend the reasons for why a business (especially small businesses) should have a website. It's not that uncommon to meet someone who will point out that their business is built on tried and true methods for building relationships through customer service and referrals and that they're doing just fine without a website.

Creating awareness about your brand, cause, or organization through social media.

Congratulations! You are finally LinkedIn, Tweeting like a bird, and “liking” more things than a 14 year old girl. But is spending your valuable time on social media really worth it?

I started to take interest in Web Design and Graphic Design during the early days of the internet. I feel silly reflecting on it as if it were a time long past when, in fact, it was only 15 years ago. Because everything was new, things were less standardized. It was much harder to detect what the consensus was, and by extension, more difficult to drift with the popular approach. 

Any creative person will tell you that finding good inspiration is an important step in the creative process. Some will go as far as to point out that almost all creative work is an iteration (or remix) of previously contributed work (like the fantastic Everything is a Remix series).