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Why is it that some social media pages have thousands of followers, while others struggle to get 30. We are constantly asking questions like this to improve our content and more effectively engage our audience.  Although we admit we are not super stars in the social media world, we have come to understand some things that we should and shouldn’t be doing on social media. Here are just 4 things that we know for sure:

Lately, I've been hearing about all kinds studies and articles describing the prevalence of compulsive behaviour and an unhealthy approach to multitasking with respect to our work. They tell us that our relentless connectedness has warped our thinking and placated us into thinking that we are more productive than ever when in fact, we are much less so. Apparently, an endless stream of emails, notifications, and texts has reduced our ability to focus on any one thing. Being able to focus, after all, is an essential ingredient to proper multitasking. Multitasking defines our ability to increase our focus on more than one thing. Instead, we've diluted our focus on countless things and have become compulsively addicted to flipping back and forth between them.

This blog post's a little more personal than usual, but being that we're a creative company, sometimes we can say things in a way that others can't. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to honor someone that I knew and worked with for a short time. His name was Fr. Mike Mireau, affectionately called Fr. Catfish. He was priest in the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton. Fr. Mike passed away this week after suffering with cancer for some time. He impacted a lot of people in his time here and this included, most notably, many young people. This is how I got to know him. As a young Catholic, he made a strong impression on me and inspired me to want to be more involved in the kinds of things I saw him doing.

Driving traffic to your website depends on creating good content that people will want to view. A common way of doing this is through blogging and social media interaction. So, let's assume that you have your strategy in place to blog consistently, promote your articles, and post to your social media. You've come up with some nifty headlines that will bait the stingiest users into clicking, but what's missing? Photos! You're always scrambling to find good photos to include in your posts. So, does this mean you have to pay premiums for stock photography that looks generic and uninspired? Nope. There are some free online resources to access photos. Here's one of my favourites. 

Headlines on news sites have been ablaze with reports of celebrities who have had their phones hacked and intimate photos/videos stolen and posted online. If you're like me, you couldn't give those headlines any more attention than they deserve (none), but maybe this news can serve as a warning for the rest of us in this limitless, connected world.