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As everyone now knows, Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming presidential election. When she announced her intentions earlier this week, she unveiled the branding of her campaign to a flurry of criticism, parody, and ridicule. The consensus was pretty clear that most people hated her new logo.

I was recently having a conversation with a professional peer who was asking me about work and how it was going. After answering him, he said something like, “Wow, sounds like things are going really well. What’s your secret?”

I like to think of myself as someone who isn’t easily offended because I admire people who aren’t, but I have to admit, I was a little put out by that question.

Edmonton Welcome Sign Design

There's been a lot of discussion and debate concerning the old Welcome to Edmonton signs and the perceived need to update them. In the spirit of offering our ideas as artists and designers, we thought we'd take a shot at designing a basic sign idea to help encourage the ongoing conversation.

After recently expanding from 2 to 3 employees at Holds Worth Design, the process of screening job applicants showed us just how transparent the world is becoming. It is very hard to impress potential employers by just writing a really good cover letter and listing all the reasons why you are so awesome.

When I first started designing websites over a decade ago, the landscape was dominated by high profile designers who had an incredible gift for visual graphics and animation but very little appreciation for the actual content and messaging of the websites. As a budding designer, I would follow their portfolios for inspiration but as I clicked through, I realized the websites, beyond the cool graphics, had very little to offer. At times it seemed like the designers where indulging some sort of exercise in self-aggrandizement. Obviously, in an industry where clients come to us seeking help to get their message out, this approach is a very poor response to their needs.