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For most people, searching the internet for a product or service has replaced the need to store a giant yellow book in cupboards better suited for old computers you’re keeping around because you’re constantly running out of disk space for the countless selfies you take. We trust Google to return the most relevant and trustworthy results for our queries but does it actually work that way? Unfortunately, a lot of the time, no.

In the industry we work in, web design, if you were to Google service providers with something like “Web Design Edmonton”, you’ll get a bunch of search engine optimization companies masquerading as web design companies, another company with two websites that pretend to be separate companies but are actually the same one, a lot of companies that are using cookie cutter templates for their own sites (which means they don’t actually know how to do design), and a few actually legitimate web design shops. What you definitely don’t get is a proper listing of the best choices for web design in Edmonton listed in a convenient summary. That’s not to say that some of the higher ranked businesses in Google aren’t good companies, but many aren’t and shouldn’t be a top choice if you’re trying to sort through the best options to send an RFP to.

So, to make your life easier, here is a completely honest take on who I think are the best web design agencies in Edmonton. They are so chosen because the work that they produce is consistently good quality, the value they provide for that work is reasonable, and, by all accounts, they provide a good customer service experience. I’m evaluating them based on my experience as a web designer working in this industry in Edmonton for over 10 years. These are in no particular order:

Holds Worth Design (holdsworthdesign.com)

No surprise here. Obviously I can’t be entirely unbiased if I’m going to write an article naming the best companies in the industry in which I operate. With that said, I continue to work with this business because I believe in its philosophy and the quality of work it produces. We consistently run into scenarios where clients have told us that our quote was significantly more affordable than other bidders and it’s not uncommon for us to discover how much a client paid for a site that we could have done better for a fraction of the price. All of that isn’t to say that we are the cheapest option, because we’re not, but we strive to respect our client’s resources while producing the best work we can for them.

Box Clever (boxclever.ca)

I would say many of the same things about this company that I would also say about Holds Worth Design. They provide consistently high quality at reasonable rates. They care about their clients and strive to be ethical stewards of those relationships. I would gladly refer someone their way.

Lift Interactive (liftinteractive.com)

Lift is well known as one of the best at what they do so it wouldn’t make much sense to leave them off of this list. Recently they’ve been known for producing some really clever and compelling community based sites. If you can afford the cream of the crop, you probably can’t go wrong with them.  

Paper Leaf (paper-leaf.com)

Paper Leaf is one of those companies that is committed to staying current and providing work that exemplifies emerging trends in design. If you want your brand to be portrayed in a style that is really agreeable, these guys are a sure bet. From what little I know about their philosophy, they offer their services at reasonable rates and maintain an easy going down to earth approach to their employees and clientele.

Overhaul Media (overhaulmedia.com)

Overhaul has made some waves with a few of their projects and are anything but slouchy in the practise of their trade.  They are consistent, focused, and always deliver well thought out projects.